New Ship Building

Turnkey new building services comprises the definition and tracking of all stages of a shipbuilding project from A to Z, starting from the investment idea; management of relationships among all actors of the project and finally the process of delivery of the ship to her owner.

Omega Marine, by taking into consideration the trends in the marine sector, undertakes turnkey new building projects with finance provided by own resources. These projects may be realized based on a contract following the customer’s demand. Omega Marine, as the only addressee against the customer ensures the following services in the scope of turnkey new building project;

The purpose of turnkey new building project is to present to her owner a ship ready to sail and meeting precisely the requirements after carrying out all necessary tests. From the customer point of view the main advantage of this type of project is that the customer will be never be in need of managing the process. Therefore in such shipbuilding project which consumes a lot of time and resources, the customer’s key personnel won’t have to focus intensively on the project and carry out the work in their regular order.

Omega Marine who undertakes the whole responsibility of the shipbuilding project, mobilizes all their resources with a staff that have years of experience in their field in order to create a customized product, shaped and crafted according to customer’s desires. This corresponds to the fact that Omega Marine becomes the only address for the customer in various issues such as project management, engineering and services, procurement and quality control of materials, management of transportations, tracking of project schedule and deliveries, putting the systems into use, performance tests, handing over of spares and their guarantees and user trainings. Thus the customer gains a wider perspective in project follow-up and orientates its working energy as more result-oriented.

If you want to have ships that,

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