In a business environment where profit margins and projects’ complexities are inversely proportional, Omega Marine with their solution partners Delta Marine and Mesh bring a holistic approach to guarantee the return on investment in a shipbuilding project. Starting from the investment idea until the finalization of the project Omega Marine, by using latest technological tools, ensures high quality engineering services, powerful software solutions and as final product building of beautiful ships. This approach covers all aspects of the shipbuilding project including project management (feasibility, forecasting, scheduling, coordination, outsourcing, valuation, procurement), design and production information (Basic, Production & Post-Production), engineering analysis (CAE solutions), technical consultancy, all building work stages, ship loading and stability assessment software and ship delivery process.

Shipbuilding is a sector where multidisciplinary engineering processes create millions of interrelated data and there is always need for dynamic coordination throughout many project actors. This complexity requires comprehensive knowledge of all technical, commercial and legal aspects of the various processes to find optimized solutions. Omega Marine is a contracting company able to provide "tailormade" services for state-of-the-art solutions, especially for building of economical, safe and functional ships.

Previous experiences in important shipbuilding projects have given to Omega Marine’s experts the opportunity to bring significant contribution to new projects under the scope of the following services;

Omega Marine presents their solutions that could only be described as: MORE THAN ENOUGH