Omega Marine ensures good consultancy services to all people and corporations who intend to invest on a ship or want to manage a shipbuilding process in a controlled manner. Omega Marine helps their customer to manage their expenses to be directed towards the final goal by considering the finance, building conditions and delivery times. From customer’s point of view this naturally results as getting services and products that satisfy their expectations against their investment. Thanks to vast experiences shaped in various projects in the shipbuilding field Omega Marine with their expert engineers have the competence to convey their knowledge about shipbuilding projects to their customers and actually can manage the project in case of demand.

Omega Marine plays an important role by helping the customer to create and develop the investment idea. Omega Marine orients the customer by following the latest developments of marine sector and economy in all over the World and ensures that the desired profit or gain is obtained. Following services are among the consultancy scope of the erudite staff;