Omega Marine, being a contracting company who creates economical, environment-friendly and reliable shipbuilding solutions thanks to their wide knowledge and experience, provides customized products by taking into account the trends in marine sector and also by ensuring all the finance with their own capabilities.

Starting from tanker type merchant ships, the company has got the knowledge and ability to deliver ships under the most favorable conditions for their customer by taking care of every single detail from feasibility studies till sea trials. Including project management, project finance, determination and coordination of project actors, selection and supply of material and equipment, supply of subcontractors and/or workers, realization of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Harbour Acceptance Tests (HAT) and Sea Acceptance Tests (SAT), registry operations, etc. the management of all project phases are carried out by Omega Marine’s experienced staff.

Reliable and regular information flow is ensured for the shipowner company in order to ease the follow-up during the project and the shipowner company will only care about control and coordination. As a result ships that are delivered on time, costing to a convenient amount, having high workmanship and equipment quality and meeting precisely the customer’s requirements sail in World’s seas as Omega Marine’s chef d’oeuvres.

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