Contracting Business

Contracting business consist of a modification project or building of a part and/or a system of an existing ship. Omega Marine with their dedicated and experienced staff, present high quality services that would include also supply of workmanship, material and equipment.

In case of existing ship modification works such as lengthening, conversion to another ship type, conversion to double hull, change in compartmentation and addition of tank are among possible projects. Omega Marine by considering the existing building capabilities of the shipyard where the modification project will take place and creating engineering solutions of various alternatives to carry out the project with minimum cost at minimum time helps their customer to find the most favorable conditions and solution for its purpose. It’s also important to mention that during the modification projects latest international ship design and shipbuilding rules and regulations are taken into consideration and applied.

With their reliable solution partners Omega Marine provides good and reliable engineering and workmanship services for the design of piping systems and ship’s equipment, preparation of their production engineering documentation and finally their production and assembly to the ship. Based on the terms and scope of the contract mutually agreed Omega Marine determines all necessary tools and methods to carry out the building works within the process of the project and make the delivery on time with high quality for the use of their customer. Omega Marine who have the ability to easily reflect their experiences on new building projects to the construction of a ship’s part or system, perform workmanship services without disrupting the progression of the building process and by following precisely the delivery schedule.